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Keep your pooches clean and looking their best

The size of the dog doesn’t matter—a stinky dog is a stinky dog and the smell is always noticeable, even when we’ve gone nose-blind to it. So to get rid of that doggy smell or to help your dog look her best, trust the professional dog groomers at Dog Lovers Grooming in El Paso. We’ll return your dog to you happy and smelling great!

Competitive Prices

Great service

We treat all our furry clients like they’re our own. If they get nervous about a certain part of the grooming process—maybe the clippers or the blow dryer—we’ll take the time to let them adjust before jumping on in. We want both you and your dog to have a good experience, and that means you shouldn’t have to worry while you’re waiting to get your dog back.

20+ Years of Experience

After spending such a long time in the dog grooming business, there’s not a lot we haven’t seen. We can groom dogs of all sizes and provide special clips to specific breeds and beyond. Want a puppy cut? A lamb trim? We can make it happen and your dog will come out looking their best!

Full Service

When you bring your dog into the grooming professionals at Dog Lovers Grooming in El Paso, TX, you can expect to receive the gamut of high quality service. We start by shampooing all our dogs, then trimming with scissors or clippers if needed. They are then blow dried and brushed so their fur is shiny and soft. We finish with a nail trim and remove any mats in the ears, under the arms, or anywhere else.

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