Trim Your Dog’s Shaggy Hair

Give her a break from the El Paso, TX heat with pet grooming

It’s no question that huskies weren’t meant to stand the sweltering El Paso heat. Don’t subject your fur baby to heat exhaustion by letting her fur grow too thick during the hotter months! Keep your pup cool and healthy when you bring her in for a regular haircut.

Bring your dog in for a cut at Dog Lovers Grooming and we’ll:

• Decrease your dog’s shedding.
• Keep your dog cool and comfortable.
• Check for fleas, ticks and more.

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Trust Dog Lovers Grooming with your dog of any breed

You wouldn’t give a poodle the same haircut as a German shepherd. But if you’re not a professional groomer, you might not know this. Ensure your pup gets the right haircut for her breed by booking an appointment at Dog Lovers Grooming in El Paso. Call us at 915-594-9334 to learn more.

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