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Our staff is very kind and gentle with every single pet.

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Nail Trims, Bathing, and Full Service Grooming are just a few of the services offered by Dog Lovers Grooming Tx. All price varies depending on the breed, size, and current coat condition, so it's best to come in and speak with one of our experienced groomers for an accurate estimate.

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One groom at a time, we're strengthening our relationships. Our compassionate, certified dog groomers take pride in their work and enjoy assisting you.

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Dog Lovers Grooming TX

We're a group of pet lovers and owners dedicated to improving the lives of pets better via love and specialized care! Dog Lovers Grooming TX was founded over a decade ago to provide excellent care and service to pets and their owners.

We, as a team, understand that every dog is different, and they all have their personality. That's why we are as gentle and caring as we can be with each of them.

In order to do a good job, minimise stress for dogs, and deliver amazing results, we only hire experienced groomers.

Every product we use is allergy free, animal cruelty free, vegan, premium quality, and only the best!

At-Home Services

We understand that some dogs can't come to our salon in certain scenarios, so that's why we offer this "at home" option.


A dog is a man's best friend, and we stand by this saying. We love all animals and dogs in particular, so before we act as groomers, we first act as dog lovers.

Special Needs

Certain dogs need extra attention and special care. We have employees dedicated to these kinds of dogs.


Think of the time that your dog spends at our salon as some relaxation and quality time among friends and dog lovers.

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This is the wonderful team of grooming experts who make your dog's experience at Dog Lovers Grooming TX beautiful and of high quality.

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